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Bella2bello Double Bottle Massage Oil Holster Bag-Adjustable Bottle Cream Bag & Lotion Bag Dual Kit–Massage Bottle Lotion Holster Incl. Two 8 Oz Refillable Pump Dispenser

Bella2bello Double Bottle Massage Oil Holster Bag-Adjustable Bottle Cream Bag & Lotion Bag Dual Kit–Massage Bottle Lotion Holster Incl. Two 8 Oz Refillable Pump Dispenser

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Wonderful Choice for Massage therapists

Enjoy the massage with our Double Bottle Holster 
      Make your massage therapy sessions easier and more efficient with our adjustable black bottle lotion holster. No more fumbling for oils or lotions during a treatment or cluttering up your workspace with extra tables. This handy two bottles massage oil bag keeps your products conveniently close at hand, so you can stay hands free and focus on providing the best treatment possible. Designed to hold two 8 oz. bottles, it's the little things that can make a big difference in your practice.

Easy to use and fits any 8 oz session bottles.

Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

  • [Massage Oil & Lotion Holster] Keep your massage oils and massage lotions within easy reach with our double-quality nylon holster. This convenient double bottle oil holster holds two 8-ounce refillable pump dispenser bottles, ensuring quick and hassle-free access during your massages.
  • [Double Layer Fabric + A Layer of Insulation Foam] The built-in heat resistant and foam padding ensures your massage oil stays at the perfect temperature and protects you from burns. Plus, The Master Massage Portable Massage Oil Holster features holster features a 1.4" extra wide nylon strap for maximum comfort. Keep your small massage tools handy with the convenient side pocket and take your massages to the next level.
  • [One Size Fits All] Our massage cream holster bag features an adjustable nylon strap (29-58") to accommodate everyone. With an easy-clip buckle and sliding adjuster, it's a breeze to find the perfect fit. Plus, it's portable for on-the-go convenience.
  • [Practical & Essential] Simplify your work and create a safer environment with our practical dispenser bottle. Perfect for massage therapists, it eliminates oil spillage and keeps everything cleaner. Whether you work in a salon or hospital, this is a must-have tool. It's also a thoughtful gift for physiotherapists, technicians, or nurse friends on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or Valentine’s Day.
  • [Complete Package] Get everything you need with our complete package! It includes the adjustable strapped woven double holster, two refillable pump bottles, and a color gift box.
  • Easy-clip buckle and sliding adjuster for convenience in fitting.
  • Water resistant.
  • Available in black.
  • Bottle Oil Holster; Massage Oil Holster; Lotion Holster Bag

    The top priority of professional masseurs is to provide the best possible treatment for clients, which is why it's important to have all of your tools and products easily accessible during a session. Our adjustable black oil holster for massage allows you to keep everything within reach without interrupting the flow of the massage. This simple yet effective tool can greatly enhance your work and improve the overall experience for your clients.

Insulation Layer and 3 Layers of Soft Composite Fabric

The Master Massage Double Bottle Holster features three layers of fabric on both front and back sides, giving it a soft and luxurious feel. Unlike ordinary thin and cheap single-layer fabrics on the market, with its built-in heat resistant and foam padding, this lotion holster for massage ensures that your massage oil, lotions and cream stays at the perfect temperature, while also protecting you from accidental burns.

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