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Bella2Bello's Electric Bluetooth 3D Air Compression Vibration Eye Massager with Heating System

Bella2Bello's Electric Bluetooth 3D Air Compression Vibration Eye Massager with Heating System

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• Size: 8”x 4.3”x 0.27”
 Weight: 0.7 lbs
 Headband: Adjustable elastic band suitable for different needs
 Frame: Anti-corrosion and drop protection
 Material: Skin-friendly flannel soft and breathable, comfortable and odorless

Key Features:
• 3D Design Acupressure points to massage for eyes- Massage the acupuncture points around the eye frame, exercise cone cells and reduce eye fatigue
• Intelligent Multi-Frequency Vibration Kneading to reduce eye swelling
• Three-Layer Design for Air Compress Cycle Kneading provide a large coverage area to fit the contours of the eyes, fast heating, and even heating circulation conduction.
• 3 Adjustable Heating Levels from 100.4℉ to107.6℉ provides warm therapy and release stress and pressure
• 4 Modes to choose for your different needs: Dynamic Mode, Relaxation Mode, Smoothing Mode, and Sleeping Mode
• Bluetooth Music Functions for connecting Bluetooth to your own playlists and improving the better quality and experiences while using an eye massager
• Fast Charging and Long Battery Life- 1200mAh Large Capacity Battery and 2 hours for fully charged
• Lightweight and Portable Design- Folding Design for Space Saving and easy to carry 

One (1)-Years Warranty  

Bella2Bello's Electric eye massager is ergonomically designed for many groups of people. Especially for people who spend a long time reading, studying, and watching, soreness, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and blurred vision might be caused by all day working, studying, focusing on a digital screen. Bella2Bello's eye massager with improved Three Layer Air Bag design provides an extra larger surface for warm therapy and large coverage for eyes, and it prevents uneven heating, slow heating, and small coverage area from traditional airbag design. One button operation design is also more convenient to use, and it is easy to switch to four different modes to meet your personal needs. Built-in Speakers in Bella2Bello's eye massager can be connected with Bluetooth on your playlist, and it improves a better experience and relaxation while using an eye massager. Lightweight and 180° folding design for space-saving on your purse and easy to carry around. Bella2Bello's eye massager is the perfect gift for your family, friends, and lovers. 

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