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Collection: MASSAGE GUN

Do you think you need a long, luxurious massage to relax and recover but don’t have the time or budget to receive regular sessions with a therapist? If your body is stressed and in pain, you just need a little loosening up and a massage gun is the best vibrating massager you can get.

Massage guns are wireless, portable, and handheld vibrating massagers that are used to relieve muscle tension to promote recovery. Also known as the percussive massagers, they deliver pulsing bursts into muscles, vibrating the muscle to help it loosen up and stimulate blood flow. With different interchangeable attachment heads, it can cover every muscle group in your body.

Its high-speed frequency gives your muscle tissues a nice and well-defined massage and you also have the option of increasing or decreasing the frequency as required. You can use Bella2Bello best massage gun whenever you feel like but it is best to use one post workout to reduce muscle soreness.


What makes your Handheld Electric Massagers special?

Packed with quality features, all the massage tools are wireless and hassle-free, ergonomically designed for all specific areas of body like neck, head, knees, ankles and legs that are commonly stressed while workout or working through a sedentary job. All the massagers are equipped with adjustable digital speed settings, heating technology and are easy to carry with which makes them easy to set-up and operate anywhere.

What muscles can be covered for relaxation using a Massage Gun?

Massage Guns come with four different attachments to cover every muscle in your body to help increase blood flow to sore and tired muscles to alleviate inflammation and speed recovery.

Do you provide Instructions for your Massagers?

Yes, we do provide written instructions for all our Products so you can easily learn how to set up and use them by yourself at home, clinic or a Spa.