Collection: Massage Chair

Bella2Bello offers a long range of Portable Massage chairs and Posture-correcting chairs that are ergonomic in design and make a perfect choice for home, office or Professional spaces like clinics and Salons.

Our posture chairs keep the spine in the right position and prevent bad spinal posture from getting worse. They also support the whole body and relieve anterior knee pain.

With memory foam cushioning, our portable massage chairs are light-weight yet tremendously strong and come with an aroma container to hold essential oils to give you a beautiful aromatic massage experience. Super portable and storable for travel, they come with a luggage style carry case on wheels.

We use high quality materials to ensure durability and safety!


What are the special features of Bella2Bello Massage Chairs?

Bella2Bello comprises of a high-quality assortment of Portable Massage Chairs that are easy to carry and easy to set-up anywhere, anytime. All the upholstery used in the products are breathable, oil/water proof, non-toxic and super comfortable. We also have Posture correcting chairs to keep your spine in the right position and prevent humpbacked from getting worse.

What are the products available at Bella2Bello that can be used for Posture-correcting?

We have Posture Correcting Chairs and a whole category of Healthy Furniture with Saddle stools and Standing Electric Desks to maintain your posture and keep your spine in the right position. They also help counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle or a sedentary job where you sit more and stand less.

What are the adjustability features of Bella2Bello Massage Chairs?

Adjustments include face cradle, arm rest, chest pad and seat pad. Multiple face, arm and chest adjustment as well as removable kneeling pads enable optimal client positioning and accommodate all client sizes.