Magic Forest Collection


The Magic Forest collection is made by single moms from Colombia and Venezuela. As many of you already know, Venezuela has gone through years of civil unrest due to having a dictator for a leader, named Nicolas Maduro. His administration’s failed leadership has caused for the collapsed of the Venezuelan economy. In 2014 Venezuela’s gross domestic product plummeted even more than the United States during the Great Depression. It’s 32 million inhabitants became unable to make a living wage that could afford them food, clothes or basic medications. The situation became so dire that hospitals did not have basic hand soap or antibiotics. The migration of Venezuelas to the surrounding countries has led to over 4.6 million men, women, and children having left since 2016 in search of a better future according to data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Colombia is the country with the largest number of refugees at 1.8-2.0 million. Some of the women that are employed in the hand making of the Magic Forest collection are Venezuela refugees who also happen to be single moms. Our hope is to not only employ them for this collection but for years to come and in the process teach them a trade that they can take with them no matter where they go. Our goal is to grow Magic Forest sales so we can employ more single moms to help them get out of poverty and teach them a trade that can support them and their children.