The Earth is What We all have in Common!

The Earth is What We all have in Common!

Care for the Environment as Part of Your Legacy…

We all want to leave a mark on this world; we want to leave a legacy. Often, that mark on the world needs to be significant enough that is remembered. One that is inspirational and possibly transformational. For some that may mean having their name on a library.
Care for the Environment
For others, it could be a contributing benefactor at a university. These are certainly remarkable statements that can leave a legacy, but how about one that is memorable and inspiring for future generations? Taking care of the environment is another significantly important part of your life legacy.

 1. Climate Change

     Climate change is a term we are hearing more and more in recent years. It is not a new concept, though, it describes how the average weather conditions around the world are slowly yet significantly changing. Some areas of the planet are becoming warmer than usual; others are becoming drier or wetter. 

    2. The Effects of Climate Change

      We can easily take the weather for granted. We do not always realize the impact of rising temperatures in some regions of the world or the droughts that affected others. But these things over time DO have a significant impact on our environment and even our daily living.
      The rise in temperature in our oceans and climate, for example, are attributed to the increase in droughts and wildfires, the decrease in water supplies and agricultural demand.
      As you contemplate these ideas, though, it may sound quite overwhelming. You may wonder if there is anything you can do to reduce the effects of climate change. In fact, you can do many things.

      3. What Can You Do About Climate Change?

        Much of what you can do to preserve the climate can happen in your own home. Here is a short list to start with:
        1. Turn off lights in empty rooms
        2. Buy energy-efficient appliances
        3. Purchase energy-efficient light bulbs
        4. Recycle plastics and cardboard
        5. Compost organic material
        6. Plant à Garden
        7. Plant flowers that attract bees
        8. Lower the temperature on your thermostat
        9. Wash your clothes in cold water
        10. Donate to charities that help to conserve the forests 
          These are just a few things you can begin doing today to be mindful of the care of the environment. When you perform these things in your own home, you are also setting a very good example for the people around you. Your roommates, spouse, significant other, or children will see how you take pride in performing tasks that will influence the environment in a positive way.
           Care for the Environment
          They will see your actions and mirror them. That is how you can leave your legacy; by passing on the good examples of recycling, using energy efficient lightbulbs, or composting.
          Don't take these things for granted. They may seem like minimal acts, but the impact is tremendous. If you, your housemates, and your neighbors all did a few of these things on this list, it not only helps the climate, but it also contributes to your own healthy way of living. It leaves an impeccable legacy.
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