How Important Are Standing Desks for Your Health? 

How Important Are Standing Desks for Your Health? 

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Are You Living a Sedentary Lifestyle? 

Then you probably already know how bad sitting for prolong periods of time can be for your body. If not, we are here to make you aware of the bad effects of sitting a lot.

When you sit for longer hours to work or any other activity, you increase your chances of heart diseases and risk of diabetes. It can also lead to obesity or weight gain as it reduces the amount of calories burned.

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Fortunately for you, we have a pretty reliable and easy way to manage that using Standing Desks and this is why they’re becoming so popular.

 What Are Standing Desks?

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Standing desks are structured and ergonomically designed furniture to help you cope with sleepiness, obesity, back ache and cardiovascular diseases brought about due to a sedentary lifestyle. They come with height-adjustable desks and you can alternate between sitting and standing while working.

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While keeping you on your feet, standing desks help you manage inactivity throughout your work so you need not worry about your back or your heart.

What are the benefits to using standing desks?

  1. Reduced Back Related Problems

Using standing desks require standing most of the time which reduces the relative time you spend sitting while you work through a job. Everybody knows how common back pain can be when you work a desk job and sit all day.

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  1. Easy to Use at Home

Standing desks are portable and easy to carry or place in your bedroom and as you can adjust the height of the desk, you can use them however you like, sitting or standing which gives you an option to alternate between the two and reduce the time you sit.

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When you are sitting all day, the number of calories you burn are reduced greatly and thus, you become more and more vulnerable to gaining weight. Obesity is not something you want to deal with and hence, standing desks are the most efficient option to manage your weight due to having a sedentary job or lifestyle.

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  1. Improves Energy While Working 

As standing desks reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeps your heart healthy, it has a very positive effect on your mood and reduces your stress levels. Standing on your feet keeps you energetic and in a good mood giving you an increase productivity and positive outcomes at work, your health, energy levels and your relationships.

  1. Improves Productivity

As mentioned above, with your mood and energy levels increased, you are bound to be more productive in your line of work. Standing desks can help you be more creative and active even if you are just typing all day.

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Bella2Bello has a long range of beautiful and vibrant, height-adjustable Standing Desks that are easy to assemble and hassle-free to use at your home or office. Please check Bella2Bello standing desk and start experiencing positive outcomes both in your health and productivity at work.

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