PC Wrist Power Ball, Wrist Strengthener and forearm exerciser for stronger Arm Finergers Wrist Bones and Muscle (3 color options)

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• Product Size: 2.9”(L)x2.3”(W)
• Product Weight:0.55lbs
• Color Options: Red, Blue, Black
• Gravity Adjustable: Control the rotate speed of ball core-spinning at up to 20,000+ RPM
• Safe Protection for use: Skid-proof silicone loop and wrist rope design to prevent tossing out of the ball, double safe protection.

Key Features:
• Auto Start Design: Elastic Device Inside, pull the ball core along the arrow till the end, loosen the ball core then start the rotating.
• Shinning Lighting: No Batteries, the LED light inside will be shinning when rotating get more fun in training.
• Material: Noiseless Running-ball core made of alloy and ball shell is made of environmental PC Material better shock resistance.

How to Start Wrist Ball:
1.Gently press the center of the ball with thumbs of both hands and push it in the direction of the arrow
2.Quickly release the ball with both thumbs and give the ball to the hand hold-ding the ball
3.When you feel the force of the sphere rotating, rely on the power of the wrist to swing from side to side or in a circle, and continue to accelerate with your hands until the variable speed lights flash

One (1)-Years Warranty  

PC Wrist Ball is design to reduce stress and build strength from work and daily life. PC Wrist Ball is wrist and forearm trainer fore more strength, and it is also a exercise toy to make work out more fun. PC Wrist Ball helps muscle training from wrist to elbow: fingers, wrists, forearms, upper arms, biceps, triceps and shoulders, improve arm strength and flexibility. Get one today to make your work out more fun.