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Neck Kneading Massager

Neck Kneading Massager

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Neck kneading massager uses kneading simulation Shiatsu massage technology of 3D three-dimensional and simulates SPA massage manipulation, which is applied on the human body neck / abdomen / legs / waist and other all-round. The 3D massage head adopts infrared light technology, it can promote blood circulation of various parts of body by heating, relieve cervical vertebrae, relax stress, relieve tension and massage freely, which you can easily enjoy massage effects at home.

* Flexible adjustment, adjustable mode

* Simulation Shiatsu massage design, front and reverse modes are adjustable

* Environmental silicone hand-drawn belt, removable, more comfortable and convenient to use

* Cloth cover is removable and washable

* Multiple massages for different body parts

* LCD display, intuitive use of the product

* Infrared light irradiation heat

* Use lithium battery power supply, safe and reliable, more convenient to use; USB fast charging

* Automatic time setting (15/10/5 minutes)

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