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Deluxe Basalt Massage Hot Stone Set with Bamboo Box

Deluxe Basalt Massage Hot Stone Set with Bamboo Box

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  • 100% Natural Black Basalt, No Wax, No dyestuff, No Chemical, No Radiation. Packed with a Natural Bamboo Box.
  • 1 X-large Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (for backside or neck), 16 Large Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (2 for stomach, 6 for backside and scapular, 8 for thigh)
  • 18 Medium Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (8 arm, 2 for palm, 2 for feet, 2 for neck, 4 for calf), 6 Small Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (2 for overhead, 2 for head crown, 2 for hindbrain)
  • 6 Small Circular Facial Basalt Stones, 4 Miniature Pressure Point Basalt /Deep Tissue, 8 Toes
  • 7 Chakra, 4 Small Ovular White Marble (for cool therapy)


We have six different Massage Hot Stone Sets for you to choose from:

18 pcs - Master Massage 18 pcs Mini Body Massage Hot Stone Set with Bamboo Box

28 pcs - Master Massage 28 Piece Hot Stone Set 100% Basalt Rocks for Body Massage

40 pcs - Master Massage 40 pcs Hot Stone Set for Body Massage with Bamboo Box

50 pcs - Master Massage 50 pcs Hot Stone Set Deluxe Pack Basalt Package

60 pcs - Master Massage 60 pcs Hot Stone Massage Deluxe Pack Set with 7 Chakra


Product Description

Basalt rock is originally found deep within a volcano where it remains for hundreds of millions of years, gaining all of its natural properties. All Basalt is rich with iron and magnesium, which make this stone very effective in massage treatments. Basalt is excellent for holding heat for long periods of time and has very low radiation which makes this rock a much more healthy and beneficial stone for use. More therapists prefer to use our large Flat Ovular Basalt for the thigh muscles instead of our medium sized Ovular Basalt Stones. The larger Flat Ovular Basalt stones and 4 pressure point stones are ideal for massaging the backside and neck massage, especially after a long day of using computers. It's suitable for a 2 hour full body massage. The natural bamboo box is handmade to provide an efficient storage place for your stones.

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