Bella Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks with Rectangular Tablet (55"x 27.5") for Home Office Workstation

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Table Top Color Options: Pure White, Oak, Black or Walnut

Frame Color Options: Black and White 

Tabletop Size: 55"(L)x27.5"(W)x1"(H)

Frame Size: 43.3"-59"(L)x25.6"(W)x27.5"-45.2"(H)

Weight Capacity: up to 176 lbs

Lift System: Single Motor Lift System and Single Beam Structure Design

LED Displayed Control Set: 3 Memory presets, current height display and Hi-LO Adjustment 


  • INTELLIGENT ANTI-COLLISION System: automatically stop when sensor obstacles while adjusting the height to prevent accidents.
  • Overheat Protection: Auto-shut off when operated for more than 2 minutes. The program is set prevent the motor from damage.
  • Noiseless Lifting-the voice of lifting<45db. 
  • Quick and Smooth Lifting: 20 seconds to highest table height.
  • Bella2Bello ergonomic standing desk for work, home, office, school whether using it with or without a saddle stool but keeping a standing posture, they will all ensure you to keep a correct healthy working posture
  • LED Display Control Set: 6-button programmable controller with 3 customizable presents memory from sitting to saddle and standing posture through the day.
  • Rounded Table Corner Designed: Can effectively reduce the injury to human body during use.
  • 8.Large Cable Holes: 2.5” in diameter which can better meet the needs of the multi electronic equipment on the desk


Our rectangular desk is always the best-selling and most economical model. Living a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous to your health. The less sitting or lying down you do during day, the better your chance for living a healthy life. Using our Bella2Bello standing  desk helps to counteract the negative health effects of a sedentary job. Health benefits of standing more and sitting less: Remove sleepiness, Reduced risk of obesity, Lower long-term mortality risk, Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Using our Bella2Bello ergonomic standing desk for work, whether using it with or without a saddle stool during your standing posture, will help ensure you to keep a correct healthy working posture. Our Electric height adjustable desk allows you to stand up comfortably while working and change the height of desk and alternate between sitting and standing.  Our rectangular table top is equipped with two cable accesses and cable covers. Four rounded corners design can effectively reduce the probability of users hitting the table corners and avoid injury. Get one today to improve your life and health.