Collection: Massage Accessories

Getting a complete quality massage experience, whether you are at home or a Spa, is important and the process requires the use of many easy to use massage room accessories. Bella2Bello brings you the most premium massage Spa accessories to help give you carrying support, extra relaxation and help you carry all your equipment anywhere your spa sessions require you to travel as a professional.

Our accessories are easy to store and ultra light thus the reason our accessories are used by professionals worldwide.

From silky smooth massage bolsters and linens & warmers to organic massage lotions and oils to carrying cases and Salon trolleys, we have it all!

We have different massage hot stone sets in various shapes and sizes for you to choose from, made of Basalt rock they are very effective in holding heat for longer periods of time.

All our accessories are durable and packed with quality features to help you relax anywhere!


Do you have products that can be used in Home Massages?

Yes, all our products can be used for Home Spa or Home massages as they are small, compact, foldable and adjustable that fits anywhere easily.

We also have two different complete Home Massage Kits that has convenient and compact home massage tools providing all the functions needed to get a therapeutic massage without leaving your home.

What are the Massage Bolsters made of and what is the most common size?

Our Massage Bolsters are made of easy-to-clean Silky Soft Environmental Skin Touch PU Upholstery that is water, oil, and abrasion resistant. The most popular size we have is 6"x4.5"x26".

What are the benefits of using Massage Stones and Hot Stone Therapy?

  • Increases circulation, facilitating maximum blood for optimum body function.
  • Increase the pulse, therefore the heart pumps faster.
  • Increases cell metabolism, thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins.
  • Gives the client a deeper sense of relaxation more quickly.
  • Less tiring for the therapist.